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These best exercises to lose weight aren’t only for weight loss and they all have a great impact on many other aspects of you and your body. Exercises should be a very important meeting that you have with yourself on an almost daily basis. Schedule a meeting on your workout days with the most important person on earth…..YOU!

Even though these best exercises to lose weight are very important, they won’t be enough for you to see ongoing results with your weight loss. There are many other things that you need to keep in check. Your eating plan, medical conditions, injuries and even stress can have a big impact on your ability to lose weight.

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Bobby Lane Fitness - How Nutritional Deficiency Affects Your Training Progress

Real progress is impossible without a proper nutritional base.

It is almost impossible to gain real progress if you don’t keep your nutritional base in check. Nutrition is essential for any athlete to live a healthy life and reach their full potential. Even the best training plan, coach or training facility will not help much if they are not combined with a balanced nutrition plan.

We apply a great deal of stress on our bodies when we train. This makes our body react to meet the demands of the stress and prevent damage. In the time between training, your body will try to reverse the effects and damage caused by training. Your body will then try to reset the level of homeostasis higher than it was before. By doing this adaptation, your body improves its ability to perform during training. in other words, It makes us fitter and stronger.

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Metabolic Conditioning

Metabolic conditioning is the latest hype and a great sales pitch for newcomers at the gym. I must admit, metabolic conditioning does sound all fancy and high tech, but what is it really?

What is Metabolic Conditioning?

Everyone thinks that metabolic conditioning is some new way to burn fat and tone up, but it has always been there inside your body. It only seems new because science has only recently been able to conduct proper research on it. The basic principle of metabolic conditioning is that you do a certain workout routine in a certain way. This will make you burn more calories for up to 48 hours after your workout. Let’s dive deeper into this topic and let’s explore how, and when to do which metabolic conditioning workout.

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Visceral Fat

You may look like you have a normal size and shape body, but the scales don’t tell the whole story… Imagine having a huge store of fat you can’t even see or feel, that’s putting you at risk of developing things like diabetes and heart disease. And even being skinny won’t exclude you from this. This silent killer, know as Visceral Fat, is the internal fatty tissue that wraps itself around the heart, liver, kidneys, and pancreas, and streaks through muscles.

Who is fat on the inside?

‘Overweight people are more likely to have excess internal fat, but research suggests it’s probably because they are inactive, not because of their size itself. There is a group of people who are overweight but have little internal fat because they exercise regularly.

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weight gain

Yes…. I know…. We have all heard or read something about losing weight. Unfortunately, most of what we hear or read are that we are not eating right. But there are a lot more factors involved with sneaky weight gain.

What is Sneaky Weight Gain

Sneaky weight gain is gaining weight and you don’t know why you are gaining weight, It is when you are training hard and eating healthy and you still keep on putting on the pounds.

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Weight Loss

My clients ask me a lot about weight loss. I hope this guide will help you to understand how weight loss actually works and why your workout, as well as your eating plan, is so important for weight loss.

The most important part of weight loss is this equation:

Weight Loss = Fewer Calories In Than Calories Burned.

I know this sounds technical and not very motivational. However, if you can master this equation, and follow the points I am going to list below, then you will be well on your way to the leaner, fitter and more healthy body that you have been dreaming of.

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