How Nutrition Deficiency Affects Your Training Progress

How Nutrition Deficiency Affects Your Training Progress

Real progress is impossible without a proper nutritional base.

It is almost impossible to gain real progress if you don’t keep your nutritional base in check. Nutrition is essential for any athlete to live a healthy life and reach their full potential. Even the best training plan, coach or training facility will not help much if they are not combined with a balanced nutrition plan.

We apply a great deal of stress on our bodies when we train. This makes our body react to meet the demands of the stress and prevent damage. In the time between training, your body will try to reverse the effects and damage caused by training. Your body will then try to reset the level of homeostasis higher than it was before. By doing this adaptation, your body improves its ability to perform during training. in other words, It makes us fitter and stronger.

Nutrition, training, and recovery work together to create positive lasting effects on your health, happiness and training performance. When you get your nutritional balance right, your foundations for progress and success will be set in place.

Bobby Lane Fitness - How Nutritional Deficiency Affects Your Training Progress

Why Nutrition is the Foundation of Your Performance

Your training and recovery depend on proper nutrition to fuel your body and provide it with what it needs to heal properly.

Nutrition and training also work together to improve your health in slightly different ways. Let’s take a look at how omega fatty acids and strength training can work together to benefit you.

Both help to prevent heart disease, reduce the risk of osteoporosis and lower blood pressure. Omega fatty acids won’t help to improve your squat, and strength training does not have much impact as an anti-inflammatory, however, these examples show the positive impacts they can both have on your general health and performance.

How to Maximise Your Recovery and Training Progress

Balanced nutrition can help to bridge the gaps in your nutritional program To recover and fuel your body properly, you need to use the best quality products that you can find.

Food products today are very different from food products that we had fifty years ago. They are grown faster, in huge quantities and with a lot more pesticides. This can make it much more difficult to get all the nutrients your body needs to perform, progress and recover properly.

Bobby Lane Fitness - How Nutritional Deficiency Affects Your Training Progress

Healthy Fats are Essential for Training, Recovery, Your Heart and Your Brain

You need a great nutritional balance for success. Your body needs a certain ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids to stay balanced. Both fats are important for optimal health.

Your brain consists of about 60% fat. Especially the essential fatty acid DHA makes up a large part of your brain. These fats are very important in brain development no matter what age you are.

Vitamin D is Very Important. Especially in the Winter Months

Vitamin D helps the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and improves the rate of testosterone degeneration. Vitamin D helps muscle development and is essential to keep your immune system working properly. It is also very important in reducing inflammation and bone development.

A vitamin D deficiency is common because people don’t spend enough time outside in the sun. The sun is the biggest supplier of vitamin D. You need at least 15 micrograms per day. Some symptoms of a  vitamin D deficiency are muscle weakness and excessive sweating.

Bobby Lane Fitness - How Nutritional Deficiency Affects Your Training Progress

You Need to Have Protein in Your Breakfast

Having protein in your breakfast will make a huge difference to your health and performance. Breakfast is often one of the meals that people eat a solely carbohydrate-based meal. Cereal and milk for example. A lot of people can go until 1.30pm before eating any protein. If you want to make sure your recovery and training is how it should be, then get some protein in your breakfast!

Protein at breakfast will help to:

Boost neurotransmitter production – boosts memory, attention and drive for the day ahead.

It can help you to eat less throughout the day

It can stabilize your energy levels and reduce energy dips

Provides amino acids to build muscle and recover from training.

Nutritional Timing is Highly Important (when should eat what)

The normal approach has been focused on the daily calorie intake and the ratio of the macronutrients. Recent evidence has shown how the distribution of different nutrients during the day has an important impact on your training, performance, and progress. You need fuel for your workout and the proper nutrition afterward to recover and replenish what you have spent. This will differ depending on how and when you train.

Some simple advice, keep your protein intake consistent, increase carbohydrates on training days and increase fats on non-training days. Carbohydrates to replenish muscle and liver glycogen, fats to help cellular regeneration and lower muscle soreness.

Bobby Lane Fitness - How Nutritional Deficiency Affects Your Training Progress

Natural and Organic Food Products are Very Important

You should be committed to excellence, quality and always working to become the best possible version of yourself. Buy the best that you can afford, but remember to bridge any gaps that could be in your nutrition plan.


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